Saturday, December 31, 2011

What are you doing New years EvE?

This is so lovely!
Happy New Years Eve!


  1. Cool! Love that song... it's in my Christmas Carols mix, so heard it often over the passed few weeks! Are those guys a couple? I didn't know, (if they actually are!) I can't remember their names, but first came across 'her' in "Elf" and thought she had the most gorgeous, different, singing voice! And I didn't know that 'he' could sing, so there you go!

    PS Oh, and we're pretty much doing nothing for New Years! We just talked about it, and shock, horror, Vaughn has offered to play games (both board/card and Wii!) tonight, just the 2 of us (Vaughn doesn't really play games, so that's why it's such a shock!). Will be nice to have a quiet one after a busy Christmas week, and Vaughn preaching in the morning! What are your plans?

  2. No exciting plans in the works for me tonight babysitting my gorgeous nephew! Just saw that video yesterday it's so sweet.

    Happy New Year.


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