Saturday, December 31, 2011

1 x 2

How did this year go by so fast? This time last year we were travelling to Hamberg from Berlin, almost on the last leg of our big trip. We also received this text a year ago to say these darling little ones had arrived into the world!
 And now they are 1! 
(sorry Luke hope you don't mind me nabbing your photo!)
Unfortunately we don't live in the same state so we haven't had a lot of physical contact with these cuties, we have met a couple of times and we have received plenty of photos and hear you in the background when we we are talking to your mummy and daddy! We wish we could have been there today to see you, give you a tickle and a kiss and share a cupcake with you, your big sister and the rest of the gang. Hopefully as you get older there will be opportunity to do that.
Happy Birthday Ava Joy and Sophie Christina
Love Uncle Tim and Aunty Lauren 

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