Sunday, November 27, 2011

the last of the bunts

I've been meaning to post this for yonks...but with my blog hangover and leaving my camera in several places I never got around to it! My final bunts have went waylaid but I got 19 in the end and I love them all. These final ones are from the lovely Yaga, Christina, Cyndy, and Julie. Thank you all!
It was a great swap to be involved in! It's definitely made me think about giving bunting to everyone! I made some for a friend who is expecting a baby. And my sister in law asked me to make some for some cutie pies. It's so easy and fun to make!


  1. You can't go wrong with bunting, Lauren. It is loved by all! x

  2. I'm currently working on some bunting myself ... can you have too much?

  3. Bunting is so much fun isn't it. I've been meaning to make some for myself, maybe after Christmas. x


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