Thursday, December 22, 2011

christmas craft

When I sew I usually stick to the things I know, I make things up and usually follow VERY SIMPLE patterns. I always need pictures to show me what it is supposed to look like so I know I am on the right track!
 I started making this table runner the other night...I bought the fabric, washed it and then it sat there for a few days....I had the pattern but no picture, my mum had the original pattern so I got it off her...I needed to be stealthy because the table runner is indeed for her for Christmas!
 once I got started I was on a real roll!
It's a bit wonky at the edges, but it is made with a tonne of love and I know she will really love it which is the main thing! :) There are a couple of things I would change like using less of the dark plain blue...but one end has made a T with that fabric...and her name is Trudy! So it works out!
I think I'm going to make a non christmasy one for our table for all year round! And perhaps it'll be a feature for some other presents too!
What Christmas things have you made this year?


  1. It's fabulous! You've done a great job. Bet she'll love it.

  2. It looks striking and special. What a lovely gift?

    Merry Christmas to you!



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