Tuesday, January 03, 2012


 We had a lovely New Years Eve. Last year we were sipping Cosmo's in Hamberg. this year we were having a few quiet drinks at home with 2 of my sisters, playing games and eating delicious food.
 Have you ever seen the movie Four Holidays? There is a scene in it where they play Taboo and one couple just keep getting it right one after the other it's very funny...well Bec was describing this and it made me laugh for ages!
 We then met up with some friends
 played with sparklers
 and enjoyed the fireworks!
Happy New Year friends I hope it is a blessed, happy, fun and healthy year for you and yours!
We have had some scorching weather here in Adelaide ( 41 + degrees celsius) so we have been relaxing the last few days...yesterday we pretty much watched DVDS and sat in the air con the whole day! It was amazing!

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  1. Happy new year, Loz! You three are absolutely gorgeous!! x


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