Sunday, July 03, 2011

The photos

 We had a lovely lady called Sonya take our photos for our wedding. Most of the photos used for all these wedding week posts have been by her (except for a few like my shoes and the teapots and truffles). Sonya is a graphic designer and when she shot out wedding she was working full time in that profession and doing wedding photography on the side.
(some photos of the handsome men...they have mainly been of the girls so far!)
 I had met Sonya a few times and her lovely younger sister pointed me her way when we were planning our wedding. It was wonderful to work with someone who was professional, took beautiful photos and a heck of fun to be around!
You can check out more of Sonya's beautiful! She is in the process of setting up a new business for wedding photography and invites so that is very exciting and we wish her well with that. There is no doubt she will do a fantastic job. She's a talented lovely lady.


  1. These are wonderful images from your wedding that you are sharing here Lauren! Thank you for sharing them and links to the lady who shot the photos, though I live a bit far to use her services =-\

    I send continued condolences on the passing of your "Pop" - it sounds like the service was a beautiful experience, though a sad one =-(

  2. Your 'wedding week' is terrific, Loz. What great memories and a great new way to remember them! x


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