Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy 4th birthday!

A while ago when I was reading some of my favourite blogs I came across someone who was celebtrating the first birthday of their blog and I thought wow that's great! How cool, how fun...and then I thought hang on a second how long have I been in bloggy world!?
And the answer is...4 years!!!!...4 years! wowzers!
4 years ago to this date I was sitting in my friends bedroom...well her childhood bedroom she was visiting her parents here in Adelaide...and her husband helped me sign up! I did go back and have a look at some of those earlier posts! It was fun to do that and see how much has changed in the how much hasn't in the past 4 years! What a great way to keep a track of what happens. an online journal! it's been really fun and I have really embraced it in the past year! and I look forward to more years of bloggy goodness!
So Lozalicious...Happy 4th Birthday lady!


  1. Happy Blog-day to you! Congrats on 4 years...I don't think I've even been going a year yet...I'd better check. I love reading your posts so here's to another 4 years!

  2. WOW!! Congratulations on the 4 years - that is quite an accomplishment =-)

    I wonder what my blog will look like in 4 years??

  3. Happy 4th Blog birthday!!

    Loved every post Lozza!!

    Love you

  4. Happy 4th Blog birthday! It's been such a fun way of staying connected!


  5. wow ... I mean WOW! 4 years, I'm totally impressed. I'm a blogging infant compared to you. Congrats on such an awesome milestone!


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