Friday, September 23, 2011

happy birthday little blog

This little blog turns 5 today! what the?
It feels like I was wishing it a happy 4th birthday just the other week!
I started off as a pretty dodgy blogger...but heck 5 years ago I didn't know about half the blogs I read today! It has become something I really enjoy. I've been involved in swaps, seen what my mates and friends who live far away are up to and in a way kept a semi regular journal of what has happened for the last 5 years...some times have been more detailed than others. I've also been able to read and be inspired by many lovely people out there.
So happy birthday little blog!


  1. Happy Birthday! How bad am I? I don't even know how old my blogs are!

  2. Happy Birthday to your blog! 5 years is a long time!

    E :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to reading many years more!

  4. Happy bloggy birthday!

    Wow five years. That is a great achievement. Well done to you.

  5. Happy Birthday Lozalicious! Here is to 5 more years of blogging. The most exciting stuff is yet to come. B xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Holy Moly what a huge milestone :)
    Congrats on five years Lauren.


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