Wednesday, June 01, 2011

winter rememberance

Today is the 1st day of winter...
We had a glorious day here in Adelaide, I wish I'd taken some photos but I didn't. I took my laptop out into the quadrangle and did my work out there to get my daily boost of Vitamin D!
And then I got thinking about how it's 6 months since we were in France! Since we went to Disneyland! Since our overseas trip! I can't believe it. How fast is this year going. I still get asked how our trip was...and some of it is half a year ago! But I love remembering and talking about it. It was a great time.
The winter won't be as fun without the snow! But at least I won't fall on my bum in the ice.
Hope the start of Winter or Summer was a happy day for you...wherever you are in the world!

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  1. My first day of winter was spent cleaning and packing..pretty boring stuff really and not nearly as exciting as reminiscing about an overseas trip :)


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