Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY wedding bon bons

It's not secret I love I wanted to share the badge love on our wedding day.
 I hired a badge maker for a day and went to town. I have a lot of much so I ended up buying a machine to keep...forever!
 We decided we would get some delicious truffles from this lady, she did us a good deal because I worked there for about 6 months when I moved to Adelaide in 2006. They are really good truffles...believe you me!
 ...this one is just for fun! 
 I sewed 110 of these little bags...put a couple of truffles in and attached a badge to each bag, each guest (in theory) was meant to get one...but I think a few people got a few more...
some little details from our reception...our bouquets went into the teapots when we got to the reception


  1. Hey! That's my little Lozalicious kissing birdie badge that I love so much and get complimented on whenever I wear it!

    And all because Loz was kind enough to send me a little gift. Mwah! x

  2. I love your idea with the bags- so much nicer and more thoughtful than some of the more expensive bonbonieres that people hand out.


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