Tuesday, June 28, 2011

something old, something new

I pretty much covered this one all in one little hanky...
 My Nana had this handkerchief at her wedding...60+ years ago...so it was REALLY old! It was also borrowed...and in the middle of the hanky was a beautiful little square piece of blue fabric...and of course it was new to me! 
I loved it. The lady who made it did an amazing job and it was perfect for me. People also said to me that it was perfect for me and it suited so well...I especially love it when students comment on it...I have some photos on my desk at work, so when they come in to visit they often look around on the walls, it's a conversation starter, especially with the older girls!
My pretty sisters wore blue...but that was just coincidence! They looked pretty cute though!

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  1. I love your wedding photo! Your dresses are all beautiful. How wonderful to have such a beautiful family heirloom for your wedding day. The lace on your grandma's hanky is just exquisite.


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