Saturday, June 25, 2011

home made high tea

 You know when you get together with a group of friends and you have such a nice time...4 hours go by without even realising it...
 My sister decided to surprise a friend for her birthday and do high tea for her at her house...we slept through alarms this morning so there wasn't any cucumber and egg sandwiches but there were scones...
 and delicious cupcakes
 and PLENTY of delectable tea.
So today I am grateful for home made high tea with friends who you can have a good laugh with and be having such a nice forget the time!
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  1. Oh yes, high tea is a winner in my books :)

    Sounds like a lovely day.


  2. now that is the best kind of high tea! the friends & yummy tea especially make it the best♥

  3. Loz, that just seems so lovely. What a great job your sister did and it was even better as it was a surprise for her friend. We would all love to have a friend like her. x

  4. How delightful, i often do this kind of thing for my children, it's a big enough group to make it worth the effort of baking scones, whipping cream & cutting crusts of lady like sandwiches. Love Posie

  5. Sounds like a lovely birthday surprise treat and definitely agree 4 hours can go by so fast with good friends :)

  6. MMMM! I love high tea and yours looked wonderful with just scones and cupcakes! YUM!

  7. Oh man, high tea is one of my absolute favourite things! Having high tea at home sounds perfect. Finger sandwiches are overrated - as long as there are scones and tea, that is all you need. xxx


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