Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was meandering around blog you do and found this lovely blog...
We have a small space in our current abode...Tim likes minimalist...I'm a bit more cluttered...
I'd love to do something like this in our place with one of the walls and all the beautiful pictures and frames we have...I'll let you know how I go...but for now this is pretty inspiration!


  1. oh how I love these walls, thank for sharing. We are same at our place, he is minimal, me, I like 'stuff' around me, stuff that means stuff you know. These are lovely.

  2. thanks for the link Loz. She has a gorgeous blog!

  3. Some lovely ideas there.
    I'd love to have a "picture wall" but Simon has put a ban on putting any more hooks in the wall! BOO!! Maybe I could get a big wooden board and cover up those awful mirrors in my lounge and then hang pictures on the board?! In my dreams, I'm sure.

    I love some of the inspiration in this post
    Just because its all a bit obscure (especially the cluster of pics near the ceiling!)

  4. Love these images. Gorgeous. Great to find your blog. naomi x

  5. Speaking of lovely blogs, Lauren, I collected my sweet little magnet and badge today. And there was a little birdie on the badge... so thoughtful. Thank you very much for your kindness. I am proudly wearing a little lozaliciousness with my work outfit today. x


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