Saturday, September 04, 2010

spring craftanoon

What an awesome afternoon! Craftanoon day...gosh I love the work Craftanoon! So some really pretty ladies (Jek, Bec, Mumma, Jodi, Kirsten, Janelle, Anisia, Sarah, Alex, Penny and Ruth) came over this afternoon to craft...and eat copious amounts of baked goods!
that cake says craft :)....and Sarah made an amazing caramel mint crisp pie...come to think of it I didn't end up trying it...mmmm
mumma made scones and a scarf, anisia made banana cake
there was plenty of tea and beautiful flowers to pretty up the place!
oh and the scones were heart shaped!
oh my...and I learnt to crochet! Just quietly...Kirsten is ace
THE WEATHER however...rainy windy and cold...BUT it didn't bother us! Hopefully the craftanoon will encourage the spring weather to arrive!
Hope you'e had a wonderful Saturday!


  1. heart shaped scones has got to be the coolest thing ever!!

  2. Loz this is the most wonderful idea. I wish my friends were into craft instead of handbags!


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