Saturday, September 25, 2010

an intervention had to be staged...

...on Thursday night, Miss C alerted Jek and I of the cheap wool that was running out the door at spotlight, Miss C works there so she would know! Now mum had knitted C a sort of scarf slash neck warmer slash collar thing...I don't have a photo to show yet but will in time...and Mum offered to knit Jek and I one too! How nice!
so we went and picked out buttons and wool! Mine is going to be blue Jek's will be red...and then I found some other lovely wool to crochet and knit with...perhaps a special scarf for our special trip! But then I went a little crazy...
I started drolling when I saw this fabric, it bothers me slightly that the Christmas things are in the shops...but seriously how lovely is this fabric! There was more...BUT that's when Jek really stepped in, thank goodness! I needed someone who had a clear head, who wasn't being swayed by the bright lights and lure of all the great things that spotlight had to offer us that night. She helped me see reason, and for that I am thankful! 
So back to the saving for our trip and I think it's just best if I stay away from Spotlight for now!

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