Monday, September 06, 2010

i heart crochet and cupcakes

A few months ago I bought this lovely brooch....but it was only 50% true! Yes I did heart cupcakes...but I have no idea how to crochet....
on Saturday that all changed!
I started using some yellow from a small bag of leftovers I bought from the op shop sometime ago...and so it made a small square!
it's a little wonky but I am pretty stoked for a first effort!
perhaps a coaster set or a little doily for a vase full of flowers? 


  1. Now you've started, I'm sure you'll be 'hooked'! :-D

  2. Yay for you! Welcome to the club...once you start crocheting there is not turning back!

  3. Good work! I'm wanting to start too but haven't taken the plunge yet. Might have to now though! And yes, that badge is amazingly cute! x


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