Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Wish list

I am totally coveting my friend Penny's bike! She rode over last night for small group, and when everyone was leaving we all had a go at riding it!
You sit super straight on the seat, the handle bars are a good height, it's the sort of bike I rode as a kid, where you meander along. I really want one! BUT unfortunately the price tag does not permit! So it's on my wish list for now and maybe one day we'll be able to get some sort of bikes to ride!She's even put some fairy lights on the basket, powered by a battery pack! it's fun!
Also on my wish list is a packet of these! :) But that will have to wait for a few weeks!


  1. a friend of mine from school has recently purchased a bike like this that a genuine oldie. And I've been coveting it completely too! Where does this one come from? I think I'd overcome my fear of rising to zip around town on a pushbike like this...!

  2. Penny found it online. she researched a fair bit it's called a might be able to look it up on google! yeah i'd totally want to ride all the time if i had a biek like this!


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