Saturday, February 13, 2010

my place or yours? Kitchen LOVE

I have to be honest...I don't really like our kitchen! so when I saw that the theme for my place or yours was Kitchen love...what do you like about your kitchen I felt like I wanted to dress my kitchen up so it looked nice for some photos...I do like our fridge cause there is a pretty baby on there and cute magnets!
We have bright green cupboards, drawers etc....the lamenex or whatever on the bench top is coming off in spots and is looking a bit festy! It gets grimy quite easily, i think it's just the place we live, it's old and we're in the flight path of the air port lots of cars etc going by. BUT having said that we are very fortunate to live in such a great suburb, with reasonable rent because of Mr T's study.
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I do however like the things in our kitchen! This knife set we got for our engagement is fantastic as well as the chopping board...and of course the drinks to keep us going! The chart is a cooking conversion chart, my mum went a bit crazy at her old job with the lamenator! BUT the amount of times i've had my fingers covered with butter, flour or milk it has come in handy when i haven't known how many cups 15oz is! So it stays on the wall all the time!

To play along or to check out more kitchen love check out here and for the theme queens themselves check out here and here! Happy Saturday Everyone!


  1. Oh! I remember those green cupboards - so, so special! I love your chopping board though. And your silver canisters. cute!

    Maybe I should play along with this one since I really do LOVE my brand new kitchen!

  2. Your chopping board is great - and I am a sucker & a half for red kitchenware, so that gorgeous beast on your stove has me drooling...!

    Thanks for playing!

  3. love your knife set & chopping block too! btw my fridge is covered with postcards and magnets & happy snaps too!

  4. I love all the sweet photos on your fridge with the cute magnets. What would any kitchen be without pictures and magnets be, mine is always covered with pictures from my little girl.:)

  5. Great chopping board! I love red kitchenware as well. :D

  6. What a great idea to have a conversion chart in easy view, I will have to steal that idea immediately!

  7. Love your cannisters and knife set.
    I remember those vivid greens and the burnt orange that was around then too.


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