Monday, February 15, 2010

I spy with my little eye, something starting with M

On Saturday night we went to a birthday party and it was a M themed dress up party! I like that sort of thing. Mr T hates it! BUT he did end up dressing up as a Mexican (along with about 8 other people! ) There were also....
March Hares and Mental Notes

A Martini and Mr Mistoffelees...(one of the cats from cats!?)

Mexicans, martians and Micheal Jordan's!
Medusa...the greek goddess with snakes in her hair (Anna looked very pretty and had lollie snakes in her hair! it looked great!)
An M &M expert
More mexicans!
There was miss muffet..with her spider!
There was Tim being silly with the Martini olive!

And the Birthday Boy was the real deal the RED M&M!
There was also people from the Maroon appreciation society, mobsters, maps, Marvin the martian, musketeers, Marie Antoinette made an appearance too! Marathon runners, millionaires, Murray the Red wiggle...and MACGYVER! that one made me laugh extra hard!


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