Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I heart the fringe!

Every year when the fringe comes to town. My heart skips a beat with happiness! it seems to be that every second year we have a big year and then a quiet year, this year is the quiet year, we are on a strict budget but we have been able to buy tickets to see Adam Hills for a special birthday treat. Tonight we were able to go into the Garden of Unearthly delights and check out the action!

My Favourite corn vendor!
The Ferris wheel, this year has a new possie in the garden. 3 years ago before Mr T and I were going out, we went to the garden with a group of people and we rode the Ferris wheel. :)
Mr T with his squid!
One of the pretty tents hosting different shows each night for punters to come and enjoy!
More photos to come, I took more tonight but I so tired! Time for bed! Happy Fringe everyone! xxx

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  1. Ooohhh I miss you guys...look at timmy excited by the squid! Just like him too. Hope you guys have fun enjoying the sites, sounds and flavours. xo


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