Sunday, February 14, 2010

flea market find

This week I got to go to 5 op shops on 2 different days which is a bit of a treat for me. It has been a bit of drought for op shopping for me but after checking out this ladies blog i have been inspired to get back out there. And Sophie just happens to host a flea market find every sunday! so this week I can actually join in! yeyeyeyeyeyWe went to a fancy dress party last night and I needed a shirt for my costume, I found this one out the front of Goodwill! For $1! I was very happy! Because I will probably only wear it the once! (more photos to come tomorrow of the party!)
knitting needles for $1 a pair, a pretty tea cup to add to the collection, pretty sheets to cut up and try so new things with and ties for my costume and to try some different patterns with...perhaps when I work it out I will post a photo!

I dropped off some stuff at lutheran community care and saw some nice jars that i really wanted to get, BUT didn't have ANY money on me! when I went to see if they were still at th shop yesterday, the shop wasn't but they were still there, so first thing monday i am going to go and get them!

To check out more flea market finds or play along check out Sophie's pretty blog and her giveaway this week.


  1. What great finds. The sheet fabric is lovely and the cup so cute.

  2. oh i think i might have the same sheets, we will have to compare projects! xo

  3. Great finds! What a lovely tea cup! I want to know what you went as to the party!
    Thanks so much for playing along.
    Sophie x


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