Tuesday, May 01, 2012

too short

 I took a short trip to Sydney on the weekend...hanging out with these cutie pa touties...and their parents...and it just so happened that Tim's sister and brother in law were there too! It was lovely.
 Ava was super serious to start off with but by Sunday afternoon was giving lots of snuggles! 
Sophie is walking like a little pro and Isabelle is as cheeky as ever!
I also got to meet this little man! (and see his mumma and pappa!)
It was too short and I hope I get to visit again soon to give all the cuties kisses again!


  1. cuteness. I've seen that 'adorable baby/I make adorable babies' t-shirt combo on pinterest but so great to see real people wearing them! glad you had a good trip. x

  2. Hey lovely! I gave you a Sunshine Award today!


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