Tuesday, May 08, 2012

wish list

This is at the top of my wish list at the moment...
AND I've ALMOST saved enough to get it! HUZZAH! 
I live super close to work and one of the teachers who is MAD on bikes (owns about 7 or 8!) pointed me in the direction of Mojo bikes so I thought I would get some exercise in and ride to work.
Very excited!

In other news life has been busy, I had a catch up with 2 old friends from primary school on the weekend, and I'm sort of addicted to pinterest! 
Hope you're having a wonderful week so far!


  1. looks wonderful! A bike was on the top of my wish list for christmas last year. But then I got pregnant and decided I was clumsy enough without riding with a belly!

    I hope you get it soon!

  2. That bike totally rocks. It is on my wish list too!

  3. :) isn't it fab! I reckon a couple more weeks of saving pocket money and it's mine!


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