Wednesday, May 30, 2012

let's go on a may

We went bowling the other night for date night!
Have you ever been bowling with just 2 people? I hadn't usually I'd been with a big group of people, usually with youth and so it takes a while to play a game, someone if off ordering some food or going to the bathroom! But with just 2 we finished our games in no time at all!
So we played some arcade games...or Tim played some arcade games..
I won the first game and Tim won the second! 
 We went and got a sundae and then cruised home to enjoy the semi finals of Euro Vision! :)  

Whenever I go bowling I always remember how fun it is! If you haven't been in a while get some friends together and head out!
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  1. Cool! Guess what one of our dates will be coming up?! *wink* I have some fun activities planned so it won't be like any bowling we've done before!

  2. You guys are looking really good...must be all the bike riding lauren? What a great idea!


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