Friday, May 11, 2012

grateful for my day job

So as some of you would be aware...I changed jobs at the start of the year. I finished at the school and church I had been working at for 6 years and embarked on a new adventure. It has been such a steep learning curve. Meeting the students, getting to know them and understanding them. Most of the students I work with have experienced some sort of trauma...and not just I saw the cat run over trauma (which I don't discount as being traumatic as people react and respond to things differently, but the type of trauma that scars. Sexual abuse, Neglect Domestic Violence etc) Sometimes some of the students have been really closed. And a lot of the time trust is not something that comes easily to them but some of the tall walls are coming down slowly but surely. It has been wonderful to work with a new bunch of professionals. Passionate, talented, creative people. And I have been welcomed instantly to the group. It has made the transition that little bit easier!
This week I just caught myself thinking WOW! This is where it is at. I decided to finish at my other job as I had trained in social work and I really wanted to sink my teeth into something more social work specific. Well my new job is just that! Yesterday there were 3 things that happened that were highlights. I met with a young guy who has been disengaged from school for quite some time, and by disengaged he hasn't attended for quite some time...possibly over a year and when he has he's found himself in a fair bit of strife. He is 12. But over the past few weeks I have been meeting with him at the library and working on his reading, writing and maths. And he is coming ahead in leaps and bound. He wouldn't meet with me at first and now he churns the work out like a little champ! And little by little I hope he may transition to our school campus. While I was working with him yesterday I got a text from the mother of another young guy I was meeting a couple hours later saying he would not be attending. Which didn't shock me but it was disappointing. I couldn't call her back straight away but when I did she said no he will meet you, expect him at 12. And he churned out some good work too! He is a really smart kid but due to so many reasons has not been able to attend mainstream school. But that is one of his goals...and a big factor holding him back at this time is drug abuse...but it was so positive to have him meet me and engage with me for a little bit. While I was finishing up with him I got a call from a fellow youth worker/case manager saying a student had rocked up at school and would I be back soon. This young guy has sort of flitted in an out of school over the past couple of weeks. He's found himself homeless and had a bit of trouble with the law. He pretty much was trying to put out fires all over the place where things were going pear shaped big time. But we talked some things through and made a plan to meet today to get the ball rolling with legal aid and applying to change a bail condition. I felt like we kicked some goals...AND the sweetest thing when I was said goodbye to him today and that I'll see you Monday at school he said "Lauren thanks so much for your help today I really appreciate it!" 
These are the moments this week where I thought, Wow I am really enjoying my job and I am so grateful for it and happy to have made the change. 

If you have made it this far...Thanks for reading! :)
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  1. I am making up behaviour plans at the moment for kids in my class. They are very defiant, but we are seeing a little progress. Sometimes it's two steps forward, three steps back, but hopefully, I can have some breakthroughs in a few weeks, like you're having. :)

  2. Oh wow that is amazing, and you are doing such amazing work! I got a lump in my throat reading this! You are changing lives, making such an impact! Inspiring stuff! Thank you so much for sharing your story Lauren xx

  3. That's a real vocation, Loz. You are lucky to enjoy what you do so much. Your kind nature is a perfect ft! x

  4. Sounds like you are really working hard to be a positive influence for those kids...I admire that so much


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