Friday, November 25, 2011


it's these little ladies birthday today! 19...obviously this photo is a little old...circa 1993...or so
we missed their 18th last year because we flew overseas the day before...
it has been a real joy to see them grow from these cute (and at the time I sometimes thought annoying) bubbas to the beautiful ladies they are today.
Rebecca Maree is a thoughtful and sensitive lass who is a loyal friend. She can also hold her own, she knows when things aren't quite right, in a justice sense and in a "are you ok" sense. She also can not decide which colour her hair should changes quite regularly! But I like that, it keeps you guessing! She also really likes the on-line store Lucy in the sky...and that is where a lot of her pocket money is spent. She's also a bit of a metal fan.
Courtney Rachel is a motivated and organised little lady. She has a stress streak in her and so get's her assignments for uni done well in advanced. She also has a fiery and fiesty streak in her too. (which I love!) She also knows something about justice- when something isn't fair. (perhaps that has something to do with having siblings you learn that!? or you learn when injustice occurs!). She can spot an op shop bargain from a  mile away and has interesting tastes in shoes and table conversations!
These two are a couple of the best. At times they have seriously peeved me but as we get older and know each other (and don't live in the same house) we have fun together.
Happy birthday beautiful girls!

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  1. cute post loz! love it. happy birthday to the girls!


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