Tuesday, November 15, 2011

hung over?

...I think I have a bit of a hang over from Blogtoberfest...and Frocktoberfest...and perhaps life
I can't seem to get on the bloggy band wagon again,. Over the weekend I went to blog but couldn't find my camera...but I remembered that I had had it in my office earlier that day, so though oh well I'll just do that post another time. When I went to work this morning...my camera wasn't where I thought I left it. I thought it might have been stolen, but then I went and checked my work bag again...it had been there all the time. I must have gone blind over the weekend or something?
In the last few weeks life has thrown some curve balls (one such curve ball being a parent from school dying)
but some good balls too (engagements, news of new babies, surprise visits from friends)
I resigned from my job...which is a good thing! It's time for a change and I am very excited about the change and people have been very supportive and excited for me and Tim.
But now a lot of spare time is being used for job applications! :)

I'm going to try for the simple life the next few weeks...we'll see how we go!

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  1. Blogging can definitely feel like a chore sometimes! How exciting I wish you luck on your job hunt, change is good.


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