Saturday, August 20, 2011

my bed

 It's not until you can't sleep in your bed that you really I am grateful for my bed! Above is my makeshift bed for this weekend...on the carpet/ground in our lounge
and our usual comfy bed!
I'm doing the 40 hour famine this weekend. But instead of giving up food I have given up furniture. I've been at a conference all day and had to sit on the floor! It's pretty uncomfortable but it's for a good cause. This year the funds are helping families in East Timor...if your interested in checking it out go here...and to donate go here!
AND to see more gratefuls head to Maxabella's!


  1. Oh wow, interesting spin.
    My husband has done plenty for East Timor, enjoy your lounge room floor, he had to sleep in the dirt, the monsoonal rains, under his armoured personnel carrier, you name it, he's suffered it for the freedom of the East Timorese. They are a great cause to support, such warm & generous people, the women have so few rights, even to their own children, very far removed from our lives. Love Posie

  2. What an awesome idea. Good for you! And enjoy your first night back in your bed.

  3. I like your take on the 40hr famine. I remember doing it every year as a teenager and it being no big deal not eating but don't think I would last the distance now :)


  4. It's an interesting change. It's not just food that some don't have!

  5. Loz you have such a good heart for those who need extra love and care! I'm lucky to have you as a sister!! Make Tim go without furniture, would like to see him play on the computer then. Wait.... what do you do about chapel at school??????

  6. It would be a challenge that's for sure! We are so used to our creature comforts. Good on you Lauren. I hope we xan still sponsor you even though it's over. Xx

  7. I love my bed. You are very good to do this. x


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