Monday, August 22, 2011

first day

 At the start of each school year my mum used to take a photo me and my sisters ready to go to school. It was a bit of a tradition! As a side note I think I might carry on the tradition when we have kids...and they eventually go to school!
Today it's Tim's first day of his 8-9month pastor prac...mostly known as vicarage.
He went off happily today looking forward to his meeting with his supervising Pastor.


  1. We had the first day photos too. For the whole 12 years they were taken in front of the same curtains!

    Tim looks very cheeky in that pic! Hope first day of prac went well. x

  2. Tim looks so cute! Like he is about to be naughty...
    We got photo's taken on the first day of school too! You should definitely do it with your kids.

  3. heheh, my mum did that too and now I do that with my kids! Thanks for stopping past - I am always excited to meet other Christian bloggers too! Rach xx


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