Saturday, August 06, 2011

generosity beyond belief!

I'm not sure where this story started. Whether it was when we had a few snafoo's with money (eg turning up to the airport the day after we actually meant to fly and having to pay for a new flight...and an expensive one!, or our car being on the blink...I won't go any further) or whether it was our mate asked us to go to the foo fighters and we had to say no because there was so much to pay on the credit card...and it wasn't payday for another 5 whole days...and there was no money in the account...I'm not sure.
Perhaps I'll start with when the friend asked us if we wanted to go see the foos with them. Because that's the real star of the story! We have a bit of a history with this friend. We lived in QLD at the same time, went to a few of the same youth camps, and went to some gigs together. We both moved back to Adelaide at different times and found ourselves working together at a school with the young people. We had a lot of fun. There were a few long distance road trips with the young people. One that was for the big people was one to Melbourne...3 or so years ago, to see the foo fighters! It was a REALLY fun trip. Despite the horrible backpackers we stayed in! Tim still thinks he caught bed bugs from there! BUT I DIGRESS!!!
So about 3 or 4 weeks ago just before the tickets went on sale for the foo's our mate asked if we wanted to go. I said yes but that we couldn't possibly afford it. I was hoping it wouldn't sell out and that hopefully we'd get a decent tax return to square our most pressing debts and still have a bit of room for fun. I got talking to his wife (who works at the same school as me) during the week and she said they had been talking and they had decided if we still wanted to go they would shout us! WOW! I had sort of put it out of my mind cause I didn't really want to miss out on seeing Mr Grohl and that was the way I was dealing with it! But you gotta say no sometimes after all sometimes it is more important to buy food than go to a concert...even though I didn't live by that when I was in uni...but I digress again! SORRY! So I spoke with my mates wife...she's my mate too..and said well we actually got that tax return we were hoping for so we could pay them back. That was that.

Yesterday she asked me to come see her in the last lesson of the day. She handed me an envelope and said, "We want you to have this, we don't want you to pay us back. When E was studying there was a lady at his church that would give him $20 each week and say buy yourself something I know you don't have a lot." They wanted to pay it forward and she said if we have the opportunity or are in a position to do that to pay if forward one day too! :) there was also a voucher in the envelope for jeans west....and we all know I need a pair of jeans!
So I am grateful for CRAZY generous friends! AND that I get to go to a cool concert with Tim and a good friend! for more grateful stories head over to Maxabella loves and wish her a happy birthday!


  1. Isn't generosity a wonderful thing?? I have a friend who is treating me to a fun knitting event at our favorite yarn shop and I really appreciate the gesture =-)

    That's the great thing about giving - it goes both ways and everyone wins in the end!

  2. Wow...there should be more stories like this. I am lucky enough to have a sister and close friends who have done these types of things for me in the past. It just makes the heart melt. If only everyone on the world was as generous...

  3. Oh that makes my heart sing!

    Enjoy the Foos. Say hi to Dave for me. x


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