Tuesday, August 16, 2011

all stitched and sent

Last year I learnt how to crochet...I quite enjoy it, but I'm still a bit dodgy at it, you know when you learn how to knit and you drop a stitch or split the wool? I'm still learning a simple stitch but I'm hanging in there and determined to try some different things. I thought I would give crocheting some flowers for this swap with the theme "bloom"
assembling the postcard... 
My sister is a bit clever when it comes to these things and showed me how to do the flowers. I had to have a few practice goes...but it was fun in the end and no split wool! 
So it's in the post on it's way to America. I hope the lovely lady receiving it likes it!
To check out what some of the other clever people did with the theme bloom...head over here.


  1. you clever thing! they look lovely. x

  2. They look so pretty :)

  3. I just received it here today! It's a delightful mini afghan to keep me warm here in Alaska, haha!
    Thanks so much. I guess this swap works a little differently and my postcard went off to someone else.
    I'll try to post this up soon. happy spring to you, fall is well on its way here now.
    xoxo Kim


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