Monday, July 25, 2011

How do you comment back!?

Hi Friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday. I've been quite productive today, washing, dishes, doctors, birthday present for brother in law...and getting my tax done...slowly!
I have a question for you, and a thank you! I love all your comments. I get so excited when people say a little hello at the end of my posts, it's wonderful! but I like to return the favour and especially if there is a question I like to answer it.
How does it work for you? Do you just add another comment to the end of the comments and hope your lovely commenters come back and have a look...or do you subscribe to get an email on any comments after yours? OR do you go say hello at their blog on their last post?
I'd love your feedback!
Hope you have a wonderful day x


  1. I like to 'subscribe' to comments, so that if if the writer responds to my comment, I get it... depending on the topic, I'm also sometimes interested in other people's comments as well! In regards to subscribing, I sometimes forget though, or the option to subscribe doesn't appear until after I've posted a comment and I can't subscribe unless I write something in the box... very frustrating! Is that the kind of feedback you were after?

    PS I LOVE getting comments on my blog as well, but I don't seem to get quite as many as you... that's why I like the 'stats' tab, so I can at least see how many people are reading my blog!

  2. PPS Classic example! The tick box for "Email follow-up comments to " didn't come up until I'd signed in after posting the previous comment!

  3. I've linked all comments on my blog posts to go to my email address, and I respond directly to them. If I find they are asking questions that everyone might benefit from I might add to the comment thread, or do another blog post with the answers :)

  4. Lauren, I do what Christy does and have all comments come straight to my email...that way no one is missed and I like to reply to all comments I get, even if it's just a thank you.


  5. hey Lauren,
    I also get emailed the comments & do reply when a question is asked or I have time to just say thank you.
    I used to reply back all the time but then it kinda became so hard to do & I felt horrible if I didn't reply back, but in reality, not everyone expects you to reply back to them personally.

    so really, I reply back if it's a question & say thank you once in a while to people for taking the time to visit & comment.
    no I don't subscribe or check back for follow up comments.

  6. I'm with Christy and Tammi on getting comments in the email box and responding directly, unless it warrants a new blog post for all to read, though I occasionally post a comment as a response =-)

    When I first got a private response to a comment, I was thrilled beyond words! It made me feel so special!!


Thankyou so much for stopping by and saying hello! It really means so much that you have read and said hello! I love that you comment and I try to get back to all comments by replying under yours, so please check back for a reply