Saturday, July 23, 2011

our little winter holiday

We got there in one piece...and decided to do a ceremonial photo by the welcome sign...
I thought I had a bit of a double chin in this took another
Jek thought that was pretty hilarious... 
 We stocked up...and yes there are some vegetables in there somewhere under all the treats!
the sun was out so we enjoyed lunch on our little outdoor setting before starting a GG marathon...only stopping for winners and losers on Tuesday and Op shopping and Offspring on Wednesday...oh and sleep of course! knitting and crocheting while we watched!
 We ate lots of delicious food!
including pancakes and berry sauce...YUM
 and perhaps a couple of cheeky pieces of almond chocolate on the top...
I kid you not...a sign in the newsagents window!
 The bathroom had some pretty choice tiles...
 As I said we did a spot of op shopping...sharing what I got deserves a whole other post...I'll be back 
tomorrow to share! :)
We had an excellent time. So much so we'll definitely be doing it again and perhaps for an extra night...who knows perhaps it will become an annual thing! let's hope so!


  1. oh how awesome! lol, so did you eat whilst walking? Scary seagulls for sure! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Sounds awesome! I've been going through GG again lately... I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your sisters!

  3. Oh! I've been thinking about doing something like this with my 2 sisters but interstate organisation is tricksy. Have a wonder time with the wonderful girls!

  4. Loz, I love that you girls do this!!! Makes me wish for sisters who lived next door... next year ;)
    Hope you guys had such a blast!!! Love Bec

  5. know Joyce I did find myself eating a candy necklace and then thinking Crap where are the seagulls! HA
    Glad you're making your way through GG too Rebecca! :)
    Rachel and Bec both of you should try and work it out with your sisters...(and seeing it would effect me Bec I should try too! :) make a good plan well in advanced! I strongly recommend it! :) you'll love it! xx


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