Tuesday, April 20, 2010

rushed..therefore lamenting!

I took this photo today and thought I could use it for this project ...but that stupid shadow in the corner just ruined it a bit for me. I was at the year 12 retreat for the school I work at and students came over wanting to use the beads for the reflection bracelets they were making and I lost the chance...if only i had photo shop..AND knew how to use it!


  1. The hardest thing about photoshop is figuring out how to use it..heheh.
    Cute blog!

  2. cute beads.

    you would've had a massive nightmare on your hands if you tried to get rid of the shadow in photoshop! So be glad you didn't give yourself that headache.

  3. are you hinting that you want me to fix it?

  4. you know how to do that Clare?


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