Monday, April 19, 2010

flee market finds

Hooray I finally checked out the salvos that opened up down the road from me this week!
I found these lovely cups and got to use them the very same day with my sister! The best thing was the store was having a half price sale on bric a brac. Very happy about that! I also found a beautiful green scarf to tie in my hair! For more thrifty finds head over to her library adventures and play!


  1. What lovely cups! Can never have too many!Perfect for a tea party.
    Sophie x

  2. Can never have enough cups. How exciting that an Oppy has opened up down the road - you'll never look back now!

  3. Gorgeous! My mum and dad had the willow pattern dinner service as a wedding gift - they just celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary on st vals day! So lovely to see it's still a big hit! x

  4. Very cute. Soon you'll need a special display cabinet!


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