Tuesday, April 06, 2010

5 faves...

1. Black books...birthday present from Mr T...we love to watch it together...unfortunately the seasons are really short and we are almost done!
2. I saw this movie on the weekend...I cried at the end...it was sort of hard to understand at times...I think it has layers...like an onion, it is happy in the end though!
3. oh little belly boom I get to hang out with her today
and her pretty mum...and my pretty sisters too!
4. Easter weekend is also my favourite because I got to do lots of special things
5. The Shack...the book I am reading right now...which I picked up yesterday and read for 5 hours! :) Almost  done! 
To play along or to see what else is favorite this week head on over to the cool world at meet me at mikes!

1 comment:

  1. *sniff* I love you lauren...thanks for making me one of your favs...you are one of mine too. Hope you are having a good week back at school xoxo


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