Monday, April 05, 2010

...road side pick up finds!

After Church a couple of weeks ago I was driving home...the usual way and I noticed the suburb I was driving through was having a road side pick up! So I stoped in front of one house because there was lots out the front and I saw a couple of suitcases that might have been half decent. The suitcases ended up being duds..BUT I did find this baby in a hard case!
After bringing it home...I didn't bring it inside straight away because I had only received my birthday sewing machine the day before and Mr T would not have been pleased to have more "treasures" in our small apartment!! So hence the delay in sharing! I'm not sure if it's working order but I will probably stick it under the bed until I am talking with someone who needs a sewing machine and doesn't have one.

The bobbin lives in a little hiddy hole which is similier to my mum's old machine and that was a real pain to change. So for now it is nice to look at! :)
For more thrifty finds head over to her library adventures! and play along too if you have something cool to share! xx


  1. What a great find I love the old machines, I will have to go hunting when there is another road side pick up hehehe
    (Brissy Op Shops Blog)

  2. ooh i'm just swooning over this machine... i just love it! can't wait to see if you manage to get it going and in the meantime i need to hunt for my own!!

    well done on such a fab find! linda :)

  3. I love the old machines..they were built to last. Mine is still chugging along after something like 27 years. It has sewn leather, silk, thick upholstery, the works. Good find!

  4. What a great find - from the roadside too!! I bought a machine from a garage sale for $20. It is the same colour as your find and it works beautifully. Have fun using your machine!

  5. thanks for all the great advice...
    stripey monkey are you in adelaide?

  6. ...ah no you're not I just went and had a look at your profile! bummer! :)

  7. ooohh, i love roadside finds!!
    hope you get to put it to use, looks fantastic!

    thanks also for dropping by


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