Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 faves...

my five favourites this week are....
1. Going bra shopping and picking the first bra I tried on...first time that has happened...EVER it was so awesome!
2. Kaiser rolls and delicious capsicum chilli dip from the central markets...come to think of it the central markets in general!
3. random knitted pole socks!
4. sewing days with my sister
5. the public library, and all the free goodies you can borrow from there!
...to look at some other faves and play along head over to Pip at meet me at mikes

1 comment:

  1. Lauren thanks so much for my fab pin-cushion and goodies that arrived today! You picked it just right - I had bookmarked patterns for an apple and pear pin-cushion just the other week when I was researching what to make for my partner!
    Oh and I am with you on the library - twice they have actually ordered books I wanted and then loaned them to me new.


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