Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic madness

it pretty much happened 4 years ago...when it was sydney's turn we were at the most northern tip of Australia...so we didn't see much BUT we did see Cathy freeman win gold in the 400 metres. I am totally addicted...why is it that the olympics is such a time suck...i had a day off from work yesterday and i was fighting not to turn the tv on and just watch it all day...ESPECIALLY when the diving and gymnastics are on!

when the athens olympics were on a friend and i joked about what we could train for in the next 4 years to be able to go to Beijing...first we said table tennis but we were kidding ourselves..i think the national sport for china is table tennis...and then we thought badminton but clearly again asian countries are just so good...so we obviously threw that idea out the door!

so i find myself sitting in our lounge room watching it on the set, sucking time and being mildly affected by the stupid inspirational ads...darn you!

hope you've been able to either enjoy some sport or stear clear if you hate it! :)

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