Thursday, December 11, 2008

coming to an end

So i am happy to report that school is done for 2008. it's been a good, busy, changing, frustrating and sometimes long year and i am glad to have finished last week for the year. don't get me wrong, the students at CC are wonderful but it does get emotionally draining saying goodbye to people.

it has been imminent. we have been celebrating with Tim's brother Luke and his wife. they are having a baby, Luke graduated and got ordained, his family (mum dad, sister and brother in law) have been and gone and now their house is packed up, along with some other friends that are going out into the world outside of Adelaide...
change can be really hard and i often struggle with people leaving my life...well not leaving for good but saying goodbye and moving far away...some people fight as a way of dealing, coping...or not coping with people leaving.

i guess it's a good leaving because God willing we will see them again in this life time.

I am tired though, all these things have made me tired...i should watch less felicity and go to bed earlier... x


  1. Lozza,
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    From Brazil: Geraldo

  2. I hear you sister! thanks so much for the flowers yesterday. they are blessing to me in brightening up my days as you have been a blessing to me!


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