Monday, December 22, 2008


So i have had a wonderful weekend.
i travelled to Queensland to attend the wedding party of a friend of mine (will post photos soon) and it was wonderful. very happy lots of smiles, cakes, wine and fun. got to be in the place i did the final 3 years of high school and spend some time with old friends. evn visit the beach.

however because i am a little disorganised with looking after my self i didn't sort work and say ok i'll have this time off and just stay in brisbane a few extra days instead of coming home and then going back up to spend time with Tim. so i was coming home today so i can work tomorrow and finish something off for our up and coming road trip.

so i had a flight from Brisbane to Sydney, Sydney to was the cheapest flight at that time of day,when i got to the airport who should we see but Adrian and he was on my flight...both of them, unfortunately we realised it to late and were unable to sit next to each other to chat....

ANYWAY the flight from Brisbane was a little late leaving which meant we were a little late arriving in Sydney and we had to go straight to the gate to board our plane straight away.

we thought things were fine...but when we were waiting at the luggage carousel Adrian heard his name over the loud we went over to the info desk and his bag had been left in Sydney because there wasn't enough time to get our bags onto the next plane.... and that they hadn't arrived in Adelaide on our plane but that they would on the next one at 9pm.

so 2 and a half hours ago Adrian got a call to say his bag was here in Adelaide and that they would deliver it...the twist is...his house keys were in his bag and so he has been here for the last 4 hours waiting...but having a nice distraction of talking to Rebecca in Canada!...i think he might be using the spare mattress tonight!

so we wait and hope our bags will arrive...eventually!

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