Monday, February 04, 2008

new year!

2008 and been a busy year to date.
visiting tim's parents in brisbane
roading tripping in a group of 18 over the nullabour plain, around perth and the south west of Western Australia
doing a week of service with local churches in the area i work in with the youth group.
starting my 3rd year in my job

i think 2008 is going to busy but a blessing. i have a new joy about things. i turned a corner during the week of service. i was being a bit of a negative nelly.

God bless you duirng 2008



  1. G'day Lauren,
    I am jealous, i would love to drive the Nullabor, and go to WA. I have been to the road house at Bookabie to watch the whales at the top of the bight. A beautiful place and a great place to fish, 'i caught one as big as a whale', but it got away. Whales mostly do.



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