Tuesday, February 12, 2013

some thoughts on our new town

Tim and I as we made our way into Whyalla for the first time :)...as you can see a windy day!

We have been here in Whyalla for just over 2 weeks now. We are slowly settling in. The first week was pretty tough, it was pretty overwhelming to have all our things dropped off and then start the big unpack. I felt like I wanted to cry all the time. But that has subsided for now...I only want to cry some of the time ;) 
We have started checking out the restaurants and cafes for coffee/hot chocolate, which aren't many but we have tried the Chinese restaurant, the beach side cafe, the cafe at the uni...all have been pretty good!
Tim has said a number of times that he thinks he could really enjoy living in this town and I think I can too. It's nice to hear him say that.
We have a lovely house (which I'll share some photos in the next couple of days of what we have down so far with the spaces, it has been fun to set our things in their places and make this house our home)
There are many positives: It only takes 5 minutes to drive...anywhere. It is a really flat town so very easy to ride my bike around (which I did today!), The people Tim will be working with have been very welcoming, it's not too far from my family and Tim's sister (and they visited just this weekend), the Doctor's surgery we were recommended is great! The doctor I saw was lovely! Very thorough and friendly and there is a nurse I can see too. They also helped me sort all my appointments for bambino and it was very helpful (we have our next scan on Friday)
So all in all it's been a positive, some days are harder then others but that's all part of the adjustment. We don't hate it here...so that's a start :)
Have you ever been in a new place? How did you feel?


  1. How far is the beach away? Could you ride there? That might be something so relaxing to do sometimes. I haven't seen our beach yet but I'm looking forward to it when the mosquitos start dying off a bit. I'm glad you both like it there. Anywhere near the beach is a good choice to me x x


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