Monday, February 04, 2013

Our last weeks in Adelaide

After all the business of finishing work, Christmas, packing up and cleaning our little unit. We were able to have a really lovely holiday. I received a voucher to go to Gold Class for my birthday (in March!) and so we finally booked it and went and saw the Hobbit! It was great. We enjoyed the decadence and the treat. We went on New Years Eve day so it was a nice way to finish the year.
(and yes these are tickets for Les Mis for Gold Class, when we got to the Gold Coast to spend time with Tim's folks we asked if they wanted to go and see Les Mis, they did, and we worked out it was only going to be a couple more dollars to see it in Gold Class during the we did...never mind the extra money we spent on the delicious snacks! Ha)
Just after our little unit was packed up we house sat Tim's sisters and her husbands place and out the back one of the neighbours sunflowers were just glorious!
We caught up on a couple of our dates that we hadn't got around to doing during the year! We went to the Drive in and saw Wreck it Ralph. We had such fun! And ate way too much candy...but it was so good! And we had only had our new car for a day so it was even more novel and fun!
We went and stayed at Mount Lofty House, which was a bit of a diversion to one of the dates we were going to go on earlier in the year...we were going to go have dinner at Mount Lofty Summit Restaurant ..but we went away for a night here instead...bit more expensive, but very lovely and relaxing!
We also went and had a look at the look at the Christmas lights which was our December date! There were maybe 4 dates we didn't get to in the end. One we couldn't do in the end because I was pregnant...and then we just didn't reorganise other plans.
We hung out with family and friends
(the photo I wanted to upload when I saw these friends!)
My sisters and I went on our yearly pilgrimage to savers...and we were not disappointed! 
We celebrated a special friends special birthday. It was a lovely party.
So now we are here in Whyalla making our house our home. I'll come back tomorrow to reflect on that :)


  1. you sure made the most of it! Also, I've noticed your new "about me' Woop! have you said anything FB yet?

    1. We did! Yes I did! I think I am going to have time to blog a bit more in these first few months with will be good so thought I better start with the about me!
      No nothing on facebook yet...but not on purpose...just hasn't come up...yet :)


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