Wednesday, February 13, 2013

our new home

We've been slowly getting our boxes unpacked. We did really well the first few days and now we are going a bit slower...but we have unpacked all the things we use everyday. Here are some photos of our place. One of the best things is the storage,in built wardrobes in each room and all have at least one mirror panel.
The back cave or rather my craft nook/one of the spare rooms...I am looking forward to finding a little wardrobe or bookcase to sit beside my desk to store my crafts supplies...having the inbuilt wardrobe helps with some of the storage!
Tim's domain! (which is connected to the "back cave") His work is quite large and has some couches at the other end of the room for meetings and visits.
The lounge area, a great space and our couches fit really well. We've put our white book case off of the wall so it sections off the dining area and lounge, because it's a really large space and it doesn't cramp the space.
The dining area (the white bookcase is to my left in this photo)
The Kitchen...I think it might be triple to size of our old's fantastic!
The other spare room (bigger than the back cave, a very generous size room)
Bambino's room...which needs the most work :)
The bathroom
...and our room! 
Lots of little bits to work on and make it our painting our room...that isn't just a feature wall. The wall opposite our bed is the same colour...It's not my favourite but we are able to paint so that will be one of our projects in the next couple of months
We're enjoying making it our own and it is such a blessing to have so much space...for instance we had 8 other adults and a bubba here on the weekend...and it wasn't squishy, there are 2 toilets and 2 showers too.
Good times!


  1. I assume if you're painting that you bought the house? Seems like a pretty big house- perfect! I think with a lick of paint around the place it will start to feel more like your own and less...dated? Your bathroom looks lovely as well- I love a nice bright bathroom :)

    1. No we didn't buy it Samara, it's the manse, but we've asked the council if we can paint the babies room and our room at least. We struck a deal (as they aren't flowing with cash) we can paint if we cover the cost :)
      ha Dated is a good way to describe it :)

  2. The house looks great, like you have HEAPS of room now. That is a strange colour on the walls, it almost looks like blackboard paint in the photo's. Good luck with the rest of the unpacking!

    1. yes heaps of room for visitors Rhi (wink wink) if you ever do a aussie road trip again :) That is actually a really great way of describing the paint...except it's a forest green not black...

  3. So which room is mine ;P

    Looks great Lozza!!! Cant wait to visit.

    Enjoy doing up Bambinos room!!! Its so much fun!!!

    Love Sezza

  4. Thanks for posting these Lauren, looks great! Makes me a bit nervous to think we'll be next! Also Dylan says he misses his bromance with Tim ;)Glad to hear you're both settling in ok.

  5. wow! so much space!
    do you think with the green walls they were trying to replicate the effect on the kitchen bench?

  6. Glad to see Cheer Bear is there.


  7. Your home has such a nice feel to it already. And the space! Oh my! Nothing like old Cathy Court hey. You will really be able to make it your own Loz. And I love how you have used the white bookshelf as a divider. Good thinking. makes a lot of sense x x I'm looking forward to seeing the re-paint as well. Plenty of time! I keep saying that to myself too, a house becomes a home over time x x x

  8. We just moved into our new house this month and there are still boxes unpacked in our rooms as well. Um, I don’t know yet where I’m gonna place those stuff, so I just decided to not move those things out. That’s better instead of seeing them scattered everywhere. At least my house looks organized.

  9. Good point, Genny! If you don’t have the idea on where to put your stuff yet, it’s better that you keep it in a storage box. That’s what I did when I moved into my new apartment. It turned out great because those boxes have very artistic designs and appeared to be a cool decoration in my room.


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