Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wednesday last

We had a really exciting, full on excellent day on Wednesday. I'm not even sure on where to begin. I sort of wished I had written about it that night but we were so emotionally exhausted from the day I just couldn't. So I'm going to try and remember everything I can! 
On Wednesday Tim and I attended his final interview for his study, he still has a few assignments to complete, then graduation and ordination but this interview was about meeting with the presidents of the church to be placed in a congregation next year. In a way it was pretty much a job interview really.
And it went really well. I was invited to attend and I got asked a few questions too. The interview went for a bit over half an hour and we were asked different questions from how would be feel about driving in between congregations? How would Tim feel about possibly doing some work in a university setting in a rural town centre? I was asked what frustrated Tim! :) and how he relaxed and took time out...amongst a lot of other questions...all in all we felt like we were honest and open with how we were feeling. AND there were a few laughs too! It wasn't all stiff upper lips.
We were interviewed by the district president from Western Australia, New South Wales, a lecturer from Tim's collage and the national president of the Lutheran Church of Australia. So we were thinking are we going to WA or NSW...and reflecting on the questions we were trying to guess where they were going to send us...but the guessing is futile...and we were trying to guess and then Tim was getting fixated on a certain place. In the end we said to each other we can't do that because if we don't go there we'll either be really disappointed ..or we'll freak ourselves out if we read lots about one place and don't like it and then get sent there...we are over thinking things big time! But do you blame us? :)

After all of Tim's classmates were interviewed we shared lunch together and later in the afternoon we had a debrief of the day which was good. We went back to Tim's sisters place where his parents were and we reflected and celebrated with his family about how the day had gone. It was nice to have them around to share the end of the day with.

So now we wait.Wait to hear where we will be placed next year. Hopefully it is in the next couple of weeks but it could be later next month. On Wednesday night we were reflecting on how we were feeling. Up until then I was counting down to the day until the interview and then probably hoping we'd find out in the same week...which was a bit of wishful thinking. But after the interview I felt almost content that we'd done our best and it didn't matter so much when we found out. I think I was also thinking that when we find out where we were going then the shit would get real and I felt like I was going to be looking forward to much...making plans for next year without enjoying the hear and now. I mean that's how I felt Wednesday. Tonight I feel OK and much the same...ask me in a couple of weeks time and I might be feeling something much different!

Tomorrow I am back to work so that will provide a good distraction from thinking about it every moment of the day and thinking when will we be getting the call! 


  1. Oh, how exciting. A whole new chapter opening for you guys. Congrats!

  2. All the best...WA is a great place to live if that became the option. xx

  3. Whatever the decision, sounds like it's going to be an exciting time- can't wait to hear how it goes :)


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