Thursday, October 25, 2012

fun invitations

So I'm not super savy on the computer when it comes to doing fun invites. My skills extend to publisher! So when I was looking for cute invites for Tim's ordination I went straight to Etsy!
I searched graduations invitations and came across Stacie's shop Girl in Gear studio. I immediately fell in love with her work and contacted her to make a custom order which she was more than happy and capable to do. I think they describe the celebration really well. A lot of the guys in past years have opted to have bigger parties but Tim has decided after the ceremony to have an intimate dinner with our family and some close friends.I have been awaiting their arrival...and they arrived in the post today! 
Thank you Stacie I am looking forward to sending them out very soon!.


  1. that is a completely cute design for graduation invitations! tuck that one away for the phd perhaps (still a long way off yet) ..


    1. Yes She has lots of lovely invites!

  2. Very nice. Simple, clean design and great colour combo. Oh, and I love the font, too. Great choice, Lauren!

  3. Fantastic choice! Who wouldn't accept an invitation like that?!
    So happy you've been with us on the Blogtoberfest12 ride... can you believe we're almost done?
    Kat xx

  4. Baaa!! These are fantastic Loz! just perfect. Well done for making it this far. Do you know where you'll be off to yet?


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