Sunday, October 21, 2012

project 9/28 Priscilla's baby shower

It was only last month I was telling you about Rebecca's baby shower! Well good news she had her baby on October 11th and I met him last week...Josiah Isaac. He is so weeny and CUUUTE!!!
BUUUT this post is about Priscilla's baby shower.
I got an email earlier in the month saying could you please save the date for her baby shower. So I put it on my calendar and then a bit later emailed her back asking her if someone was organising if you her? She said had helpers but she was organising most of it herself...Priscilla and her family moved here at the beginning of the year for her husband Ryan and so her family (as in Mum...sisters) isn't here...who I guess would usually throw a shower. So I texted my sister and said we gotta do something about that...So I called her said you are to stop all planning we are taking over...
What a bossy boots! 
But she was really grateful! Because she'd already been planning and thinking she had an idea for white and black theme so she showed me some things she was thinking about and we ran with it. Priscilla had found some jars on freecycle and so we filled those with some lollies put some fabric on the top and it turned out to be a really cute thank you gift for all the guests! 
A few weeks ago a dear friend posted a very cool photo of some bunting she'd made. It was bunting with a twist as she'd left a little slot to peg a photo on to it...she went to a very COOL SITE and got some of her Instagram photos printed. It looked so good. So Jek got to sewing and made some beautiful bunting...we were stealthy and asked Priscilla her password for Instagram and got the photos printed! They looked fantastic! 
We played a couple of games...pass the baby with trivia questions each layer of clothing! Celebrity heads...and we were going to play pin the baby on the belly but we got busy eating, chatting, praying and opening presents so we didn't end up playing it...But I got a photo of Priscilla with it anyway! It was cute while we were setting up Priscilla's little girl looked at the picture and said "Mummy your tummy is SOOOOO big!"
There was so much delicious food, everyone bought a plate to share. 
And there were lots of beautiful handpicked flowers! 
It was a wonderful day and a fair bit of time and fun went into I am totally counting it as one of my projects for the year I think it may be the 3rd of 4th baby shower I have organised this year...perhaps it should have been the 28 baby showers I organised! hahaha!...10 down! 19 to go! :)


  1. Looks like so much fun...and what great ideas for the gifts and bunting. Now, off to find a pregnant friend to boss around...

  2. Looks like it was such fun to do!! Well done!


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