Sunday, April 08, 2012

in the etsy store

I bitten the bullet and started to go through some of the mountains of clothes I own. We are going to be moving at the end of the year, who knows where yet but we will not be living in this unit after mid December. So I've started to think about going through and de cluttering and culling!
So I'm "diversifying" my etsy shop a bit and listing some of the dresses I have who need a new home!
 All found at the OP shop but too good to go back!
 If you're interested check out my etsy store here or on the side bar with the pictures of the badges! It'll take you right there!
 And of course there are the usual badges and magnets available too! :)


  1. Good girl!! I am preparing to move too, even though we haven't bought the land or build the house, i feel like decluttering & downsizing regardless. I actually get a bit of an organisational high, strutt around in clothes i've forgotten i own, feeling a little superior!! I hold onto my designer gear for my girls, everything else go to charity, ahhhh. Good luck & be brave, let it go (psyching myself up of course), love Posie

  2. Thank you Posie! Slowly but surely!


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