Sunday, January 22, 2012

home again home again

 "the spilsburys"
my summer holiday has drawn to a close.
I have had a wonderful time.
I finished one job and tomorrow I start a brand new one...little nervous...and excited,,,
I had the chance to relax, idle the time away, complete some projects and spend some quality time with both sides of the family.
This last week and a bit has been ace...
I saw my very pregnant best buddy
met a brand new little bubba and got to say hi to his wonderful parents
witnessed a wedding between a couple of cute people
was a real life wedding crasher
had a chance encounter with a lovely old friend from high school and her equally lovely older sister in Toowoomba
had breakfast with some friends we haven't seen for a year and heard about their tales of living in New 
hung out with the beloved spilsburys...which involved lots of cuddles from VERY precious and cute nieces, learning the Diego and Dora songs off by heart...and then having them going around in my head all day yesterday!
but I will be back to share photos during this week
now I must go and relax for my first day tomorrow!


  1. What a great week, Loz! Goodest of all good luck for your new job tomorrow. Just be your dear self and you can't go wrong. x

  2. Thanks heaps for dropping in loz! And all the best tomorrow!

  3. Woop! what a most excellent week/holiday! What's the new job? Hoping it's going well. xx

  4. I found myself singing whilst making breakfast this morning... buzz buzz buzz in the meadows, buzz buzz buzz in the trees!
    I don't know if it will ever go away, it does bring up fond memories though!


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